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1,000 beautiful Yunnan Tour Photos

1,000 beautiful Yunnan Tour Photos in this site!
Snow Mountain-Ancient town-26 Minorities-Beatutiful birds and flowers....I want to nominate it. Yunnan, a fascinating and mysterious place which lies in the southwest of China. I was once working in Kunming. Kunming is a well-known city which is like spring all the year round. I went to Dali old city by bus, where once was the capital city of ancient Dali kingdom,it is wonderful place,I stayed in Dali for a few days, visiting the places one must visit, cycling around the 90 mile perimeter of the lake, eating good Bai food, and meeting some friends. Many travelers talked about a place up North called Lijiang. They were saying that it was just as beautiful as Dali and even more untouched by modernity. A couple of days
later I was already in Lijiang.Lijiang was the center of the autonomous region of the Naxi
minority, a people who were originally Tibetan but then settled down here far from home and never went back. If I remember correctly, they even had their own writing system,independent of both the Chinese and Tibetan scripts.I visited zhongdian,felt the mysterious things everywhere. I enjoyed there for few days.I want to recommend the site for one of my Chinese
guy works in this company and they help me much more in my working time,they are
professional and they did good job in this site!Before you plan to Yunnan,you can see how beautiful place Yunnan is!
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