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10 cool facts about Ha Long bay you need to know

1. There are nearly nearly 2,000 tall and rocky islands located in Ha Long Bay. It consists of two types; Karst & Schist.
2. Less than half of the islands have been named. And most of the names are based from the islands' shape.
3. Ha Long Bay directly translates to the "Bay of the Descending Dragons". According to legend, the islands were formed from the jewels and jade dropped from the mouth of the dragons sent by the gods.
4. Ha Long Bay was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site twice in 1994 and in 2000, and it was included in the 7 New Wonders of Nature list in 2011.
5. Ha Long Bay is the home of about 1000 species of plants, fishes, corals, mammals, reptiles, and birds in total.
6. Most of the islands in Ha Long Bay are uninhabitable due to its steep and high formations.
7. It is believed that some of the limestone formations in Ha Long Bay are more than 20 million years of age.
8. It took over 500 million years for Ha Long Bay's islands to form beneath the sea and rise up into the air.
9. Ha Long Bay has about 20 limestone caves that are already explored, but only a few of them are open for the tourists.
10. Ha Long Bay was featured as a backdrop for the video game "Street Fighter IV".
According to

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Very interesting! specially the final one, lol
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