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When considering the popularity of the Hotels in London UK is emerging as a major place of tourist interest. The results from the statistics make it clear that the proportion of the tourists who visited India during the winter months of 1982 (55 percent) was almost the same as those that have registered during the corresponding period of 1981 (56 percent).

In 1983, tourist arrivals during the winter months (January-March and October-December) numbered 5 lakhs (57 percent) and during the summer months (April-September) 42 percent. Arrivals during the winter months of 1984 aggregated 56 percent and 44 percent as against 57 percent and 42 percent respectively, during the corresponding periods of 1983.

All told there is hardly and slack season for tourist arrivals in UK. To repeat, UK has wide range of seasons, and there is always somewhere, at any time of the year, where tourists can enjoy and relax. The march of the climatic conditions during the different seasons is an awe inspiring sighting for the visitor from a foreign country.

“In April to October, you will find many travelers in the south. It’s always hot in the south, but this is the ‘coolest season. By February the annual migration northwards has begun. Like a flock of birds, all the backpackers, hippies and regular travelers move slowly up the western coast, settle briefly there from July to early October, and then head up by mid-late March.

These are several jumping-off centers through the seas to other destinations via the prominent ports spread over the different parts of the country. The cool mountain resorts of are the areas where a bulk of the travelers settle during April to June. Thereafter a major change in the season takes place. From October onwards, the winter tourists reappear in large numbers, usually to take on the snow clad mountain view and the beautiful natural scenery that follows in the wake of the snow fall. No doubt, the UK is an emerging tourist’s paradise in every season.
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