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Advice needed please - where to stay villiages or beaches

Hi there,

I am planning to get married in Santorini next year and I am really struggling when doing research on where to stay. The wedding isn't the problem, Ive got that sorted but its really a question of do I chose to stay at the beaches or a villiage?

Are the beach resorts nice?, is there plenty to do and explore and do you still get a lovely view?

Everyone claims the villages such as, Oia etc are beautiful and the place to be but is there anything to do? Id be happy with a lovely pool and no beach or a least a drive to one nearby but if there is not much else Im sure I'd get bored? Are there a number of resturants, bars and areas to explore?

Then there is Fira but is this too busy and touristy? Can you give me a comparison to somewhere I mayknow?

We have a number of guests coming out to the wedding and I would love to find the right balance, somewhere beautiful, nearish to a beach, bars and restuarants but not too lively, lots of culture and areas to walk around and explore. I loved Lindos in Rhodes if that helps. The guests dont have to be in the same area as us but I would like to be able to make recommendations.

I think I would love to be in a village ideally, but do you know of any with a beach nearby and the other attractions Ive mentioned or does this ideal just not exist?

Thoughts and advice are welcomed and needed. Thanks.
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