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Interesting commentary on airports. I'm not familiar with Dubai but the rest are right on the money.

Recently trying to change planes at CDG I suddenly found myself outside on the street and had to start all over.

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That "suddenly you're out on the street" trick at CDG is wonderful. That's usually what I do. When the rest of the cattle-driven, bleary-eyed pax are being herded downstairs to catch the shuttle bus that runs around the perimeter of the airport (in the secure zone) it's possible to jag to the left, walk the 10 meters across the ticketing area, out into the central courtyard and catch the bus that runs the circuit through the middle of the airport instead. There's invariably a lot fewer people to fight with and you don't lose out -- going the secure route with everyone else still involves a security checkpoint.

It can easily knock 15 minutes off your transit time.

The other great CDG trick is the side-alley checkpoints into the new Hall F terminals, quasi-hidden behind the stores. There's rarely a line there.
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