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Austin -> Houston -> St Augustine -> Houston

What's more fun than a grueling business trip? A grueling business trip where you fly 2000mi in two days in a Piper Arrow. We began the trip in a Cessna 172 at GTU (near AUS) to get to Houston. The rest of the trip was in a Piper Arrow, a complex 4-seat aircraft that cruises at about 140kts.

The weather was horrible the entire way. Convective sigmets along the entire route, constant thunderstorms, remains of tropical storm bill, the works. It was a constant battle and our aircraft was not equipped with a stormscope.

I took turns flying with Karl and we each logged about 8 hours of PIC time. Pictures

After the grueling trip, I wasn't much in the mood for fighting weather any more. With a huge line of thunderstorm cells between Austin and Houston, I threw in the towel and traded 1A in a Piper for 2B in a Continental 757, flying home as a passenger.
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