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Bai Chay beach

Bai Chay is a man-made beach, located along the bay. Sea is quite unique terrain with low hills sloping toward the sea ran to embrace ancient pines, alternating is the hotel, the small villa architecture separately.

Is a wide and beautiful beaches near Halong Bay, has sandy flat more than 500m long, 100m wide. Every day in the early morning or late afternoon, thousands of people down here bathing beaches become incredibly noisy.

Bai Chay The name has many different stories. According to ancient legend, Bai Chay 's where wages fleet of Mongol army led by Truong Van Ho in Vietnam was invaded Tran Khanh Du and Tran troops burned and people being washed ashore.

Because many boats enemy fire, the northeast wind blew the fire into the west bank of the Continent as forest fires are always dry. The forest fire today that the Bai Chay.

A folk legend said that the former usually moored boats on the beach west of the mainland. Bottom side of the boat and the galaxy is usually very strong grip on the boat down to eat, so fishermen casuarinas leaves to burn around them. From the side of Hon Gai and other places that always look at that fire burning up so this place is called Bai Chay.
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