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Beaches in Kerala

Beaches, a bunch of them having historical significance is one of Kerala’s tour spot highlight. Kerala tour package are often chose with beaches.
Kodungalore, a coast near Kochi had been where St.Thomas, the Apostle of Christ and first missionary in Indian coast, landed. Vasco De Gama, the first European voyager, stranded at Kappad near Calicut heralding the European invasion. Kerala, with its finest beaches, offers surf and sand un-spoilt despite being used by trippers from across the world. Kerala beaches have a unique character. Cool, saline breeze blowing on the coconut groves along the coast would function as a balm to an agitated soul.
Lose your heart to the mesmerizing charm of the tropical beaches such as Kovalam, Varkala, Shangumugham, Vizhinjam, Alappuzha, Kappad, Payyambalam and Bekal which includes in the kerala tour packages.

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Alappuza beach
A famous beach and picnic spot with a children park and boating facilities for entertainment. The old lighthouse also adds to the beauty of this beach and the pier, which extends into the sea is over 137 years old.

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Kerela has been identified with its coconut grooves, backwater lagoons and tranquil beaches. It has a coastline stretching across 500 km. As the tropical sun keeps shining in Kerala, its beaches look all the more radiant. The verdant greenery spreads across the coastline, offering a picture perfect scenery, when it seems to merge with the vast blue expanse of the sea. High waves washing the sands of the coast are enchanting too. We give you an introduction to the major beaches in Kerela where you can spend a great holiday.
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Beaches in Kerala are spread along the 550-km Arabian Sea coastline. Kerala is an Indian state occupying the south-west corner of the subcontinent. The topography of the coastline is distinctive and changes abruptly as one proceeds from north to south. In the northern parts of Kerala, in places such as Bekal, Thalassery and Kannur, the headlands rise above the shore from the fringe of the beaches. The highlands are dotted with forts built by the colonial powers – the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. The view of the surrounding area is exquisite. From Kozhikode, once the hub of the Malabar coast, the view changes to flat lands with rocky outcroppings jutting out. One feature is common all through – the coconut tree in large numbers. Dense groves of coconut trees line the coast and extend to the interiors.
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