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Best Hill station

Like many other popular hill stations of India, Panchagani too is a very popular hill station. Panchagani is located in Maharashtra and it is one of the most beautiful hill stations. Formerly the British used to come here in an attempt to breathe fresh air and gulp water rich in iron. Panchgani is a startling hill resort of India, which still retains the signs of the British influence over the region.

Pertaining to travel and tourism, this hill station has always been a privileged haven. The etymology of term Panchgani suggests it is made out of two terms 'Panch' and 'Gani', which stand for 'five' and 'hills' respectively. A volcanic plateau, that is second highest in Asia after the Tibetan Plateau, top these five hills. In local term, it is known as 'Table Land' because of its flattened surface. The weather usually remains pleasant throughout the year; however one should avoid visiting the place during monsoons

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India is the perfect traveler destination and it offers many Hill Stations. You’ve got many choices like:

Nilgiri Hills

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Shimla, true star of Himachal

Shimla is also the most popular and the most crowded of the tourist destinations. So, if you are planning a trip during the peak summer time, then make sure to get your rooms booked in advance (so what if it is just a day trip)! Sharing the same state, Shimla is not very far from Manali. Its forests, waterfalls, churches and mansions make it a sinfully attractive destination. Shimla is one of the best hill stations in India and the true star of Himachal.
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well Ngong hills are the best, and its best for hiking in Kenya...
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