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Dau Go Cave Halong

Approximately 5000m2, Dau Go cave located on 27m elevation compared to sea level forming the same age Thien Cung - the way Pleixtocen later today about 2 million years. Dau Go cave as a concentrated stock architectural xua. An ancient beauty, unspoiled and quiet with lots of stone columns, stone pillars, stalagmites, petite, tall blue sky as if to reach ... cave fauna diversity. Due to the cave should be expanded in the grotto high humidity, combined with the effects of sunlight should be able to see immediately the development of diverse vegetation, especially mosses, ferns and trees. Trong trees cave is divided into 3 compartment.

Compartment 1st - stalactites system has many familiar images to life: lions, pythons, turtles, and even sometimes gamefowl pictures...

Compartment 2nd - beginning with a monumental paintings - images of the rocky island heaving waves on water clarity are also portrayed in this painting.

Compartment 3rd - the image of the giant stone columns, not just rough, rigid, just beautiful, soft.
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