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Dental Procedures & Plastic Surgery in Phillipines/Asia

Hello all,
I must replace 2-three unit each dental bridges & have recently learned of dental procedures done in the Phillipines, India and Thailand as being much more affordable, & at par (or better) with dentistry done in the US. Without health insurance, these crowns/bridges will run about $2000 each here in the US. While researching this medical travel on the internet, I've also learned the same about facelift surgery (which I am also considering). I hope to get both of these done during the same visit, if I can. I was thinking of the Phillipines, in particular, because english is a familiar language there, and the exchange rate seems rather favorable right now. But I'm open for suggestions!

If anyone can make recommondations (dentists and plastic surgeons in the Phillipines, India, Thailand, Hungary), approximate costs, have stories to share (good and bad), know reasonable places to stay, things to watch out for, additional resources for information, etc. etc. I'd be most grateful to learn of them.

If I can go, I'll be sure to post a report to this forum when I return.
Thank You!
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