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Enjoy Halong -Bai Tho mountain

Poem of the names of mountain high nearly 200 m located between the city center and located the shore of HaLong Bay. Mountain initially called Posted transmission (beacon), is the watchtower of the Northeast gate from thousands of years ago, has task use lighting to directional to lead boats on the bay. But from 1468, when King Le Thanh Tong poem carved on a cliff, Posted transmission was converted into name calling Poem.

Poem moutain is not the highest mountain in the coastal city but the mountain side overlooking the bay, which is considered the most ideal viewing spot in Ha Long. Because of the way up the Poem mountain in a small alley of the family on Hang Noi, Bach Dang Ward, should not everyone know. Often tourists to Ha Long climbing poem moutain are introduced by friend here. Otherwise, you will ask people live in Hang Noi if you want by yourself conquer.

The way up the mountain long but not steep, stone steps so you can relax just keep power. The two side aisles are hundreds of plants that grow from the limestone cliffs, whatever you go into summer or autumn, the air is still cool. Besides melodious birdsong as being in a royal garden, you can also saw the goat grazing in the slopes, or monkeys perched on a tree.

After about 30 minutes of climbing, you can put your feet up the Poem mountain. Though anyone who has or has not come to visit Ha Long Bay and also would have overwhelmed by the poetic scenery, spectacular out front. You will understand why it is called the Ha Long, the view from here is the dragon, with numerous large and small rocky islands bobbing on the bay side.

This seems to be a new perspective even to residents of the coastal city. Because, standing atop Poem, is a " appearance " of other Halong city. From Bai Chay tourist site everyday bustle, cable-stayed bridge across a plane crossing the longest river Vietnam, to the bustling streets with tall buildings, the remote is mine, where open black gold mining country, all exuding vitality of a city full stretch young.

Not only to see, you can also discover Halong within a radius of 1 km from the foot of the mountain. The first destination is the most famous Long Tien Pagoda. Located between the streets crowded with more than 70 years old, but with the backrest on Bai Tho mountain, Long Tien Pagoda retains a majestic appearance, inherent quietness. Also offering incense to pray to Buddha temple tourists to visit, sightseeing and enjoy the quiet.

Also at the foot of the mountain but the other side is the coastal road bridge Poem 1 and 2 new traffic . Tourists here can walk or leisurely bike ride around the foot of the mountain , feeling the sea breeze blowing in from the sea long long . feel free to stop at one of the roadside shops drinking beer and enjoy fresh seafood
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