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We offer most exciting Extreme Adventures available today. Imagine yourself in supersonic multimillion dollar fighter jet, or reaching sub orbital heaven and touching the stars in a MIG 25. Ever wonder what it takes to become a Special Ops agent? Now you can train with the best and learn the secrets that have been hidden behind the Wall for centuries.

Drive and fire a World War II tank. Fire live missiles and use heavy artillery. Test your survival skills in the Arctic and while you’re there get married on the North Pole! Hunt big game in an exotic location. All this is possible! You’re dreams are now just a key stroke away from becoming a reality -

Who We Are

We are one of the world’s premiere designers and providers of “extreme adventures” – unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime tours tailored exclusively to meet your threshold for risk, excitement, adventure, and more. Our trips include travel by air, land, and sea; comprise solo and group endeavors; and traverse the heights and depths of one’s imagination. No matter what the desired destination, we at Extreme Travel and Adventures Inc. have but one goal in mind – the complete and absolute satisfaction of our clients and co-adventurers.

To ensure this, we provide our adventure clients with thrilling, on the edge, safe, one-of-a-kind travel experiences, to the untamed outskirts and far reaches of Russia. Clients will inevitably experience great personal feats and bear witness to some of the most magnificent places on earth…and beyond.

Although our tours are guaranteed to push the limits of one’s imagination, we are committed to not seeing our clients’ cost go beyond reason. We are committed to providing our clients the world’s best travel experience at the world’s best price. We achieve this by catering to individual adventure-seekers, as well as large entertainment, travel, and corporate groups.

Even with such a broad base in clients, we pride ourselves in serving the few, not the many. Like each “extreme” destination, each person who travels with us is unique – one-of-a-kind – and we provide him or her with personalized guidance and service equally as fitting. We see our clients as partners and co-adventurers. This core value, along with our exclusive focus on technology-based adventure is what allows us to flawlessly execute extremely satisfying custom-tailored travel and adventure solutions.
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