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Guide: Exploring Dusseldorf!

The metropolis of Dusseldorf is located on both banks of the historic River Rhine and is a renowned city for tourists all across the world. The striking city of Dusseldorf has approximately 4.5 million tourists that visit the city each year. The city of Dusseldorf is divided in to ten administrative districts and these districts are further divided in to boroughs. All in all Dusseldorf has 49 boroughs. Visit as many of the unique boroughs as you can.

The charming city of Dusseldorf is known for its Altbier beer. The brewpubs are situated in the old town where brew the special Altbier blend. The city lays a lot of emphasis on sports and thus Esprit Arena was constructed in 2004, which serves as a multifunctional football stadium in the city. The stadium is covered and can easily accommodate 51,500 people. One of the famous tourist attractions is the forum NRW. It houses political and social exhibitions. Ancient and contemporary work of art is beautifully displayed in its well constructed galleries.

Museum Kunst Palast is a striking art museum built in the year 1925. It exhibits exquisite art work which has a supreme and classic flavor to it. It also houses one of the largest glass collections in Europe. Tourists are mesmerized by the displays of art work from the Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque eras. The botanical garden of Dusseldorf is an eye-catching stretch of lush organic beauty. It is maintained by the University of Dusseldorf and you can be sure it is a great place to spend some time. It is a comfortable way of getting acquainted with this amazing city. Take a drive to see the Wihelm Marx House which was the first tall building in the city of Dusseldorf. The structure has thirteen floors and it is 57 meters tall. You will also be attracted to the ornate churches, swanky pubs, natural scenic beauty and tasty restaurants in the city. Timeless castles and ancient museums which add glamour and charisma to the city.

With so much to do and see in this busting metropolis, you should really give yourself the freedom of a Dusseldorf car hire. There are tons of wonderful places to visit and so little time. Do not waste your holiday riding around on the public transportation or paying for expensive cab fares. Take the holiday you always dreamed.
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