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Halong Bay - The most beautiful coast

Journal of leading tourism had an introduction to the Halong Bay - The most beautiful coast

In ancient times, the legend that a friendly dragon lives in the skies of Halong Bay. To cope with the invaders from the sea threatened to Vietnam, gods asking the dragon can create a natural barrier to protect the people. The dragon eagerly accepted and implemented its obligations, it flew down and landed along the coast - beating the tail to create large rocks and spray pearls before resting resting until now. This desolation scene is now known as Ha Long Bay - Ha Long means " where the dragon landed in the sea ".

The landscape here is eroded by wind and waves. Emerged from the shallow waters of the Gulf of Tonkin thousands of limestone islands, the monolith towering lined up like dominoes, some precarious island seemed just a gust of wind blew through and it collapse. Here, name of island and the cave is unique. It is named based on the shape of the island, showing the rich imagination of sailors as: dog island ,islands fingers ,virgin cave( Trinh Nu Cave), Dau Nguoi Islet,.... Absence of human habitation, the island became inhabited by creatures such as eagles hunting fish.
starlight cruise in HaLong Bay
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