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How to Keep Your Kids Safe while Flying??


1) Prepare your children before you go. To a child, every corridor and gate looks the same. Getting separated from your child in an airport, if only for a moment, is a horrifying experience. Explaining to your children what to expect before you go will alleviate much of their anxieties and may help them focus more when you are in the airport.
2) Reiterate the rules of the house. As you are preparing your child by talking to them in step 1, let your children know that the rules that you have at home and during normal life are the same rules you follow while on vacation or traveling. Airports are busy and airplanes can be dangerous, if not respected. 3) Explain to your children that any antics such as running around, hiding or other horseplay cannot be tolerated.
4) Seat your children in the window or center seat. Keeping your child’s little arms and legs out of the aisle will prevent the possibility of injury from other passengers or drink carts passing by. It also gives them limited protection should a bag fall from a overhead bin.

Have a great day

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Always carry a photo of your children with you because if you lose him a photo will be very useful.

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Thanks For Sharing Such a Useful Tips With us here
about How to Keep Childrens Safe While flying,Here I'm also
Mentioning One Of The Important tips that How To Keep Childrens safe While travelling
Put together an “emergency” kit before you go and carry this and other essential items with you in your carry-on bag. You should add frequently used and prescription medicines to your kit. Not having a critical item with you in the airport or on the aircraft could be costly and inconvenient.
While you are putting your emergency kit together, create identification cards for you or other adult in your group to carry with you for each child.
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Hi to all

1) Bring enough help with you to care for all of your kids on the flight. One parent and three or four young preschool age kids or toddlers is probably not going to work well.
2) Get your kids their own seat on the plane and seat them in their regular car seat for familiarity. Having their comfort items, like a blanket or favorite stuffed animal, should also help your child feel safe and secure.
3) Have enough toys or play things to keep your kids occupied on the flight. A portable DVD player or video game player can be a good idea for older kids.
4) Schedule a non-stop flight during off peak times so the airport is less crowded and you don't have to worry about changing planes.
5) Plan for delays and have drinks and snacks just in case you have to wait for your flight.
6) Check most of your luggage so that you have your hands free for your kids, but do bring a carry on with some extra clothes in case your kids need to change.
7) Try to stay on your children schedule for naps, snacks, and meals, so that they don't get hungry or overtired.

Thanks for sharing and reading
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