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How to make travel arrangements in general?

I want to qualify for more jobs. I've never done this at all. How can I learn the entire process? (Please give me info, not just a website.)
Thank you.

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Old 10-12-2009, 12:57 AM   #2
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I make travel arrangement where I work for my bosses (and others). We use a travel agency for the flight(s) (if any), so I call the travel agency and give them all the information they need to book the flight(s) for me - this makes it pretty easy for me. I give them the date of departure, date of return and city/location of departure and the city/location of destination. Also, if there is a preference as to when the flight leaves/returns and if a direct flight is desired, etc. These are things you learn to ask! Once a flight is booked, I get an email confirmation and I forward this email to the people traveling.

Next, I find a hotel in the destination city/location online - depending on who is traveling, they will have preferences as to what hotel they will stay at (you learn this very fast!) I usually call the 800 reservation line and make hotel reservations that way, but I have done so online too. I like to talk to a real person just to make sure the reservations are done and that the rooms meet everyone's preferences. Most hotels will email you a confirmation - ask for one if they don't offer to send one. Make sure that you get rooms that meet people's preferences such as non-smoking, king size bed, etc.

Then if a rental car is needed (and it usually is), I reserve one online through Enterprise (our company has an account). Once again, you need date of pick up and return, location of pick up and return and people's preferences - we usually get an SUV so people are not cramped. If our preferences are not showing up as "available" online, I do not hesitate to call the Enterprise in that location and talk to someone in person about getting what we need - this usually works.

Any email confirmations you receive concerning the travel arrangements you've made should be forwarded to the people who will be traveling so that they have all the information. (I print out the confirmation page from Enterprise and give all the travelers a copy.) I also send an email with all the flight details, etc. written out in plain English. If you make any changes to any of the arrangements, confirm via email with the travelers.

It's pretty simple really. Once you've done it over and over, it becomes second nature to you. And the executives that you do it for will be so grateful because that stuff is just not their "thing"!

Most importantly - Don't be afraid to ask for what you need!

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usually when it's for a personal trip, it takes me a month to get all the information i need then book afterwards. I read a lot of reviews, and i don't use the agencies at all(well most of the time that is!)
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