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Interesting retrospective reminder...

I was groping around aimlessly in the darker corners of the ITYT forums just now and I stumbled across an old trip report of mine that I'd written back in 2001. I'd completely forgotten the flight. Entirely. Don't remember the flight, the trip, or the events chronicled in the trip report.

I really enjoy typing up my trip reports and sharing with the community. Even more, I enjoy reading the reports from others and getting a glimpse into their travels and experiences. It's through forums like this that we can build a real sense of community. I expected this.

What was unexpected, though, was the personal benefit of having my own experiences "carved out" so to speak to help me hang on to my own memories. I really like the quasi-journal found here on ITYT that helps me stay in touch with not only the rest of you but myself as well.

Life is a busy, hectic clutter of noise and commotion (full of sound and fury and all that...) and often things I wish I would remember get pushed aside for the clattering of the day. I'm glad that the online travel community has given me incentive to do my sometimes inane trip reports because I like having them online.

Thanks for reading and for the positive feedback that keeps me here.
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