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Learn Spanish...its cheaper than a holiday!

Alright?....Ive gotta share this with you because Im on a high. Ive just been to Spain to learn Spanish....What an amazing experience! I went there a beginner basically and Ive come back being able to communicate and understand what people are saying...And it wasnt as if I spent hours on end in the classroom.... Was in Malaga on the south coast so I can definitely say I spent more time on the beach
Also spent some time in Granada after my 2 weeks in Malaga. When you order a beer in a bar in Granada they give you a free portion of food with the drink. 3 little beers was enogh for lunch! No kidding....Then in the evening theres this street where all the Spanish students go at the weekends. Bars on each side of the street for about a mile. Anyway, because the Spanish start to party late the bars try to get people into their "establishments" from earlier on by putting guys and girls on the street outside the bars, giving out free beer vouchers. Sounds like there would be a catch but there isnt. You can go in the places for a free beer and clear off to the next place for another free beer....This goes on till about midnight when the crowds start coming.
Anyway, I had an amazing few weeks that I will never forget...I did a 2 week course (but actually stayed for 4 weeks). The 2 week course (20 hours a week) including accommodation in a decent flat (shared with a Swedish guy, a Dutch girl and a Polish girl) cost about 430 Euros...Whats that? About 320 pounds? You can go for longer too which then works out cheaper. Well worth it and can really recommend it to anyone who either really wants to learn Spanish OR anyone who wants a cheap holiday and "accidentally" learn Spanish at the same time.....Anyone want even more details can ask me here, no problem.
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