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I have cheaply travelled all over the Caribbean, Ireland, India, and various US destinations and am looking for a good travel message board. The only one I found with regular postings is for ppl who like to backpack across Europe for a month at a time. Which is great for some but I am more of a stay in nice hotels/go on cruises type of gal

I am shopping for luggage and here are my problems. I am a newlywed and we are looking for a nice set of luggage (on a budget of course). We both have various assorted bags which have suited us for single travel around the world, but now that we are travelling together I dont want to look like a mismatched hodgepodge...I want to have useful MATCHING pieces. Sets should be idea, but it seems like 3 pieces arent enough and when you find 5-6 there are several silly pieces thrown in that I wont use. Anyone know of a nice set of USEFUL luggage good for travelling all over? We generally bring casual and dress clothes everywhere we go.

Second, I specifically need a new toiletry bag and am pretty sure I wont find what I need even if I find a luggage set I like. I know I want the hanging type to organize all those bathroom accessories we all want/need to take with us. I would like it to hold all of what we both will need, but am waffling on whether I should get a small tote size which can also hold hairdryer, flat iron, and everything else belonging in the bathroom, or if I should get a smaller one to just handle the basics. I keep getting "speciality" bags for makeup etc, but then hair stuff doesnt fit. I want a good one place for all bathroom accessories. Any suggestions please please please???

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Ebay is a great place to piece together a custom set. Hartman is a nice bag but you can find any brand you can dream of and any size bag. I see alot of sets, but single bags are usally cheaper and you can pick what you want.
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