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Moving Abroad

Hi there,
may be not so travel related but useful when going abroad.
Real-Estate is cheaper abroad, well most likely anyway.

There are places where you get houses for less than US$ 30 000 but who would like to live there. Apart of that it is not easy to move abroad.

The Language for example: How like to learn a new language?

It is not really difficult but you need discipline for at least a half year to learn Spanish in the Mexican case. Or in the Venezuelan case as I live on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

There a several mistakes people make when moving down to us or other places. Mostly because of the lack of common sense.

To go about the move to Venezuela or any other country abroad many things have to be kept in mind.

Venezuela is a particularly nice country, it has nice beaches, a world famous waterfall (Angel Falls) Tabletop mountains and much more.

Unfortunately for the English-speaking world, the official Language is Spanish. There are many ways to learn Spanish but no one takes away the burden of vocabulary learning. Can't be helped, can it?

Moving to Venezuela is quiet easy, once you decide to do it with little or even better, no furniture, just with six hold-alls. Let's face it, everything can be bought down here, especially in times where the Internet removed borders.

It is a great deal of hassle to organize a container for anyone who is not a long distance hauler. Should there be any furniture you cannot live without, best way to get it here is using a professional service and now you need to start an experience-gaining trip. Which handler is reliable? It’s all for you to find out.

The same problem arises when you get here. People have been frauded since the beginning of time but why you? It’s vital to have a reliable consultant, especially because you’re not familiar with the way of working, the mentality and the laws of the country you’re moving to.

The best thing you can do is to do the same as you do at home. I’ve never understood the desire to move a community of your own kind, once you go to another country and I think I'm not alone. I don’t like such communities in my country and there is no reason why I should like them somewhere else.

People move around carefully in New York but wander around in shabby areas in Caracas. Sounds a bit silly, doesn't it? And it is. Why would I behave differently here than I at home? What’s different here? Is it because the sun shines, every day?

One hears stories about trusting unknown people, helping at an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine), and afterwards they wonder where they’re money has gone or their card have been exchanged! Would you do that at home?

Others have been convinced to give credit or money to virtually unknown people, 'cause they are so nice. Of course they’ll never get they’re money back! Others have bought houses without checking if the ground is included in the price and if the supposed owner really is who he/she says he/she is! I don't know about you but I do it when I’m buying property.

I have seen people put all their belongings in one bag and losing it 'cause muggers could figure out where everything was. Of course crime exists here, but where doesn't it? So don't buy a house in a neighborhood you don't know without getting all the essential information. Another mistake is to play a rich guy or girl. People talk and down here it is not different. It is not good anywhere that people, mostly poor, talk about you as someone with a lot of money. So be careful when you buy things in your new country start with older stuff and move up.

A few things you should know is the Visa issue:

There are several types of visas and almost all of the visas we give a helping hand in, are best to be applied for inside Venezuela as the renewal always takes place where the visa issued.)

The Visas

Business Visa

Investor Visa

Entrepreneur/Industrialist Visitor

Venezuelan Family Relation Visitor

Visitors with Fixed Income (produced outside Venezuela)

Student Visitor

Religious Visitor

Family Member Visitor

Returning Resident

Work Permit

Transit Visa (transit traveler)

In the Venezuelan Site or under the subdirectory:

you'll find information regarding visas. Once you ask in the consulates you'll find that not everyone is a real source of information. You’ll find out that you’re trying to move to a country where most people would like to leave it. Of course their situation is a lot different as they have less change to a bright future where we arrive with education, experience and some money in our pockets.

Another great mistake is to go to a different country and set up a business not having a clue if the people would pick up on your idea. Very important is of course to be able to communicate so no one can actually fool you or rip you off! Speaking the language and being able to read and understand it is essential if you want to set up a company, buy property or live in Venezuela.

One place where you can learn it is Peter's Language Institute. A very respected Language Academy, known for its professional approach and effective teaching methods.

The Language Institute teaches in a personalized, relaxed way without stress. Spanish language courses, Business Spanish, medical Spanish, and Spanish for all kinds of specialties.

It is the place where you can also learn about Venezuelan culture and should you need a help in managing your move it'll be gladly given to you by That is a service that organizes moves to Venezuela we take a look into the property you desire on Margarita Island or Venezuela.

It has a look over the neighbor hood to make sure you don’t end up owing a property in a shanty town, or at least without you knowing it.

We set up companies, manages active and passive participations on Business in any size.

But funnily enough most people ask for apartments and condos or houses on the Island Margarita although we have a different approach to that: we tell everyone to rent first, that gives you time to see with it was a nice move or not. works with multilanguage support. This is a tip for people who can not wait a half a year.

Best regards


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