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My Passport

Hello everyone,
my name is Willie and I live in California.
I am spending this summer volunteering in ecuador and have a question about my passport. I misplaced my last expired passport and when i applied for a new one they only awarded me a temporary passport valid for 1 year. With the limited validity my passport would not have been valid for six months beyond my date of entry which is an entry requirement for ecuador. So i managed to dig up my lost passport and I sent it back with a request for extended validity. The awarded me full validity but it is in the form of an ammendment in the back of my passport. It is simply a little typed message saying the passport has an extended validity of ten years, there is no seal, no stamp and the expiration date of one year on the laminated portion of my passport has not been changed. I am afraid this is going to look quite questionable at the border. Has anyone delt with anything like this before? any suggestions?

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Re: My Passport

Hi Willie...I just traveled to Europe and didn't have much difficulty with an ammendment. It is just how they do them and the passport people are used to that. Now I didn't travel to Ecuador so I'm not sure if it will be the same there...but you should be fine.
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