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My Travel Philosophy

The daily schedule has propelled a human being to look like a robot which is programmed only to repeat the assigned tasks and meet his target day after day. Todays human being has completely lost it's individuality. There is no difference between one day with another, it is basically a repeatation of some thing of what he has done just a day prior to that day. Even in this age of technology an individual looks very helpless. In this state I really think one needs motivation from outside, which not only energies the mind of that particular individual but also his soul. There is no better way to do that than traveling. And we must not forget about these travel forums like this one, which acts as a catalyst, merely sharing your past experiences it evokes the wish to go out again and again; we also should not forget about the on line travel portals like the and others, which has simplified most of the problems from hotel booking to information about a place. So my motto is to take few days out of my busy schedule and go out traveling simply to enjoy more. So keep traveling and keep enjoying.........

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My Travel Philosophy


I certainly agree with you, Your philosophy are really very nice and helpful.


Olu Deniz

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Like your view.
A majority of my fondest memories are my travels and they are fiiled behind each of my smiles and how I balance the crazy everyday task in life between each of my adventures.
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