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Organizer for travel that won't count as a carryon

I have been searching for years for a organized bag that is larger than a normal purse ( I want to be able to put my travel purse into it), but that won't count against me as a carryon by the airlines. I ordered one that I thought was perfect but when I saw it in person it is definitely going to be too big. I want to be able to put books/laptop into it but only have it be considered roughly purse sized.

Does anyone have anything they recommend? I have been told about SAK bags and Everything Bags by QVC. The everything bag I find intriguing collapses into a hanging toiletry bag, but I'm afraid the squareness of the shape would make an airline consider it a carryon. The best I have found thus far is a SAK frame sachel that has a feed bag sort of shape, but it isn't exactly what I'm looking for and is a bit pricy. It needs to be a purse for the plane and useful for the rest of the trip also.

Thanks so much for any suggestions
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