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Perfect Travel Tips????

Have Something in Common

Your travel companion doesnít need to be your soul mate, but you should have a few interests in common. Itís nice if you both like hanging out at art galleries, for example, or are both keen on trying new foods. You probably wonít spend all day, every day together, so itís not important that your interests completely overlap, but if you donít have anything that you actually want to do together, you are probably better off traveling solo.A couple of years ago I took a trip to the south-west of England with a friend of mine, and the reason it worked well is we had some shared interests, but not everything. We both wanted to do some hiking along the coast, and spent a great day sharing this adventure together.

Avoid Neurotic Travelers

Know someone whoís really, really neat? Or who always asks for special side dishes at a restaurant? These kinds of traits may not be a big deal when youíre in your hometown but take these habits on the road and theyíll soon drive you mad.My other half often tells the story of a trip he made around Greece with a colleague of his who he didnít know that well. They were backpacking, on the cheap, but that didnít stop this colleague neurotically repacking his backpack every morning before they set off. Heíd empty the entire backpack, refold all his clothes, put each toiletry item in a separate plastic bag and then repack it all.

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