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Planning to visit London


I am planning to visit London for 10 days in Nov 2008. This is my first time to England and i don't know anything about London, except football. Any advice would be high appreciated
Thank you

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I would suggest a visit to St Pauls Cathedral, you get a fantastic panoramic view from the top of the city of London. The best way to get around is by the tube, there are routes all round the city and a day pass is only a few pounds.

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Try to visit Tower of London. It's one of the city's most spectacular and popular attractions. I would also suggest to visit Tower Bridge which is one of the most photographed images of London.
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London is the capital of Britain. It is located in the southeast plain of England, Thames River goes through this city, and the estuary is 88 kilometers far from London. The British lived there about 3000 years. Rome empire intruded into Britannia Island in 54 B.C, and in 43 B.C it came to be the main army services station of Rome, and the Roman built the first wooden bridge on the Thames River. London was called as” Londinium” in that period.London is a world famous cultural city ,and it is also famous in tourism,there are many famous cultural relics. The developed transportation and ravishing relic make it to be a famous traveling city. There are about eight million people come to visit in London every year.
The largest museum is British Museum, which was built in 18th century, there are many ancient cultural relics of Britain and other countries. The London Tower was built on the southeast of Tower Mountain ,and it had been used as a palace ,jail ,archives ,and it is the exhibition of crowns and arms now. Westminster Hall is located in the west of Thames and it was built in 750 A.D, about eight acres, it is the largest Gothic building of the world,it was a palace in the past, and now it is the place where the British parliament located, the Clock Tower is in the northeast of the parliament, which is about 97 meters high, the famous “Big Ben”is about 21 ton with a big pendulum about 305 kilogram. Hyde Park is one of the British interests ,and it is in the west district of London, it is the largest park in the urban area, there is a free forum in the park ,and some people always give lectures in there every week, they can say anything except attacking the queen or advocating violent revolution.
In the west of London there is a Notting Hill ,it is hard to believe there has a block with thick foreign style in London which is a city filled with classics.In every summer ,the Dionysia will attract many foreign visitors.
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I would like to suggest you don't miss to see London's most famous visitor attraction, Madame Tussauds wax Museum.
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Smile Visiting London - Attractions to visit


London is big, VERY BIG!. If you are on a visit then you should organise your time to get the best out of your trip. There are loads of places to see and lots and lots to do. I will cover a couple of small areas for you here to give you an idea.

Greenwich: South of the river Thames, Greenwich is renown for having world time named after it (GMT). The Royal Observatory in Greenwich lies on the prime meridian, justifying this. It is popular with travellers as there is so much to see in a small area. The Cutty Sark is one of those reasons. Although badly damaged by fire in May 2007, restoration is well underway and it is worth a look. Fittingly, just next door to it you find the National Maritime Museum. British maritime history goes back a long time and here it is explained in detail. Also you find the Greenwich observatory here.

Soho: A small and very fashionable place to visit is Soho. This is where the action is. If you like great restaurants, splendid theatre shows, amazing nightlife then staying in Soho hotels is an appealing prospect. It is located in London west end and thus is near to many of these attractions.

Both of these areas are worth visiting. However neither of them are cheap. Both are easy to get two, as public transport in London is a must for any traveller. Taxi fares can be astronomical as you have to cover long distances between different areas to see many of the well known attractions.

Organise your time and decide what areas you want to visit before you go is my considered advice. This keeps the cost down and still make for a great trip. Enjoy!

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london, vietnam

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