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It might be favorable to have the default subject of a reply be "Re: Original Topic". For example, if Nugget posted "Initial Topic", and I clicked the reply button, I shouldn't have to do the copy+paste and prepend with "Re:" into my subject if I don't want to change it from the default "Re: Initial Topic" at all. I dunno, I guess it doesn't matter much, but I am used to mailing lists, where that stuff is important and automagic

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Interesting point. I suspect that this feature will be added when phpBB supports threading. As it is now, the reply subject is virtually meaningless and I don't ever enter one in.

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Yeah, I've never been quite sure what the purpose of the reply topic really is. The resultant display doesn't highlight or feature the "Post subject:" enough for it to be useful. I don't think there's much value to trying to accomodate topic drift in this style of discussion board, anyway.

It's no substitute for true threading.
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