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Right addresses for "schiacciata" in Florence

Schiacciata, also known as focaccia, is a traditional snack for Italians. If you try and say the magic word "Pugi" to any Florentine, they will roll their eyes and sigh "... Oh, la schiacciata del Pugi...". It's no advertising claim, it's a fact: for several decades already, Pugi has been a synonym for schiacciata all'olio, the fragrant local flat bread seasoned with only the finest olive oil. The many types of bread, the crispy pizzas and the lavishly
stuffed focaccias are just as popular with the mixed crowds of students, housewives and office workers that fill the Pugi bakeries at all times of the day, and one more Pugi shop has just opened in Via San Gallo by popular demand.
No less enticing are their sweet specialities, based on traditional recipies:at this time of the year, try some frittelle di riso (sweet rice fritters) or a pandiramerino (rosemary bun). And should you still be around in the Fall, don't miss the delicious schiacciata con l'uva (flat bread with grapes). Focacceria Pugi, this institution in
Florence, can be found in:
Piazza San Marco 9/B
Via San Gallo 62r
Viale De Amicis 49r
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