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Safety Travels Tips For Winter

Here are some tips...

-Drink plenty of water.

-Pack a winter travel safety kit.

- You must know your route well.

- Eat enough food.

- Reduce Speed by 50 Percent

- Keep a light touch on the controls.

- Know how to recover from skids.

- Keep your tires in good condition and properly inflated.

- Make frequent rest stops.

- If you get stuck, stay in your vehicle.

If you have any please share!


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Thinking of driving down the highway instead? You better double check these safety points, as winter driving can be a real hazard. Make sure to check and make sure that your car heater and defroster are ok. Check your battery to make sure it is operating in good shape. See if your spare tire needs a change, as you might just end up needing it. Always carry chains and use winter tires if you anticipate heavy snow on the road ahead. Check to see if your lights are ok, install additional lights, like fog lights, to better your night vision range. Do not go too fast, be sure to slow down. Turn your cruise control off, as this can be dangerous if you suddenly encounter weather or hazardous road conditions. Carry ample food and water, as well as spare blankets and emergency supplies. Carry extra winter clothing to keep yourself and your family warm if you get stopped or stuck somewhere. Keep your cell phone fully charged and carry a spare cell phone or hand or battery operated cell phone charger with you. Ensure you know the route maps very well. Always be on the lookout for rest areas on your route. You should also try to avoid driving at night if the weather is bad, as visibility will be at its worst at night. When you are driving on a bridge, be extra careful, snow on bridges tends to be harder and more slippery. Be alert about any curves and bends in the road ahead, always be ready to brake if you need to. Winter driving can be a challenging experience, make sure you are fully prepared for it.

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Thanks for the nice tips.
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