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Soi Sim Island-HaLong Bay

Soi Sim Island is located west of Halong Bay, which is a small island, about 700m from Ti top island and 7-8 km from the Bai Chay Wharf. Soi Sim Island is a land with two peak about 100m, a dimple in the middle and slopes southwest slope.

Locals said previously grown on the island are many new myrtle should be called Soi Sim. Soi Sim Island has an area of about 8.7 ha, Soi Sim has special geological structure with 2/3 of the land area covered by Feralit and soils. On the mountain is a primeval forest with a rich variety of plants, including many endemic species, valuable ecosystems characteristic of Halong Bay. According to the researchers, the reason Soi Sim has many endemic species because the island had hundreds of millions of years ago, then it surrounded by the sea.

Soi Sim is one of the major tourist relatively new compared to the other islands in Halong Bay, because the island was put into develope travel less than 10 years. It is most attractive to visitors to Soi Sim Island when it is green plants growing on the island, in addition to pristine scenic, quiet space, bathing in the blue water here, very clean, can be related observed flocks of small fish swimming around more. Perhaps because of this, visitors to Soi Sim beach are enjoyed.

In addition, the high point of Soi Sim also convenient for sightseeing. From there, visitors panoramic embracing the south-east and north-west heritage sites, natural wonders of Halong Bay world. To meet the needs of tourists visiting, now Ha Long Bay Management Department has developed quite a system service facilities on the island to serve visitors to tourist attractions.

Soi Sim with unspoiled scenic beauty, rich ecosystem and is located in the heart of heritage sites, world natural wonders of Halong Bay, Soi Sim is an attractive destination, attracting visitors win landscape, beach, HaLong eco-tourism, especially on those days this summer.
starlight cruise in HaLong Bay
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