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Spain events this november!!

• November 1-30 - Alcine Film Festival in Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid.
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• November 2-12 - International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in Madrid.
• November 3-11 - Seville Film Festival
• November 4-11 - Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Ourense independent film festival in Ourense, Galicia.
• November 9 - Almudena Day, patron saint of Madrid.
• November 10-18 - L'Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival
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• November 18-25 - Latin American Film Festival in Huelva, Andalusia.
• November 23-December 1 - Gijón International Film Festival in Asturias, northern Spain.
• November 27-December 2 - International Festival of Documentary and Short Film in Bilbao, Basque Country.
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ITYT Cabin Crew
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There is an island named"Maluekaa' in the east of Spain. there is a famous “mysterious cavern” on this island,it was found by a German artist by accident. The strange stones in the hole were looked like the dragon of the chinese legendary.
The hole is not gloomy at all.It will take 35-40 minutes to travel the whole dragon hole. When I just came into the hole, the cold air raided to me at once. Stelae on the top of the hole looked like a wolf’s tooth, lots of strange stones , all of these fear me a lot. This cavern has at least 80 to 100 thousand years history. We went ahead and followed the guide who was explaining the supernatural story about the hole.
After that we arrived at a natural “ conference room”, it is a 200 square meters big stone table , the guide told us that it was formed by nature and unparalleled on the earth , we were very surprised to it . beside it is a creek,the guide told us that we were under the sea level about 80 meters depth at there.
The creek named "the river in the sea", we took a boat went along in the rivers. The Romantic Spanish put some candles on the edge of the boat, when the candles were lighted, all the boats were arranged to a stright line, the scenery is so beautiful that everybody forgot that eeriness when they came into the hole.
With the increasing of the visitors, more and more people found that the scenery of the hole just like the dragon of the chinese legendary. So the hole is called as " dragon hole" now. In Nowadays, the dragon hole has become the most famous sight of Malueka Island, it attracts many visitors. To protect the hole, the local government carry out a rule which just allow 500 visitors come into the hole to visit everyday .So if you want to visit the dragon hole you should arrived there on the morning.

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ITYT Cabin Crew
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hey,what are the important events take place in Madrid ,i'm planning on visiting next year so suggest some interesting Spain festivals or events in Madrid? when is the Madrid Carnival held, do you have any idea?
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