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Tips On Saving Money On Food!

To save money in restaurants, couples can order a side salad and split an entree. To save more, request tap water instead of mineral water, drink the house wine, and skip deserts.

If you do this on a regular basis, you'll feel more fit, save more money and enjoy the local food more.

Now let me give you some extra advice about this subject of FOOD!

For good dining tips, before departure, clip references from travel magazines. Once you're abroad, check your guidebook and ask other travelers. Hotel clerks and taxi drivers eagerly offer recommendations, but the kickback they get may be more appealing to them than the food. So I get a second opinion when possible.

Glance through windows of places filled with smiling local diners. Most retaurants post their menus outside, making it easy to check dishes and prices as you stroll.

Now here are a couple of CAVEATS:

Although some hotel food ranks among the finest in the world, too often you get only high prices and little character. Why stay cooped up in the hotel when you can have dinner aboard a teak sailing junk moored in Hong Kong Harbor, or a candlelit garden at the edge of a cascade of terraced rice paddies in Bali?

Similarly, avoid restaurants that market themselves vigorously to tourists. Why settle for the same food and faces you find at home?

Victor K. Pryles
Author of: Travel Cheap- Travel Well
"Confessions Of A Traveling Pauper"
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