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Tourism inspired by industrial development and urbanization

The phenomenal growth in tourism during the last thirty five years in India and especially in a state like Kerala has been due to several economic, cultural and technical factors. The industrial revolution resulting in the emergence of great factory towns emitting toxic fumes is responsible for the change in the economic and social systems in certain parts of the country.
The working class in the beginning was overburdened by long working hours and poor working and living conditions. The sudden concentration of population in towns and cities and the ever-increasing urbanization have created unhealthy living conditions. Thus, large-scale industrial development coupled with pollution and over-crowding in the cities has led to the people’s search for sun, sand, unpolluted atmosphere, sea and the pure mountain air during the annual holidays. This type of movement is generally from the north to the south.
The Mediterranean region benefited most from the above mentioned form of tourism in earlier times. Now almost all the countries of the world are now competing with one another for a slice of the cake. In Kerala holiday packages are designed to attract both the international and the domestic tourist. Today, thousands of tourists from the highly industrialized countries of the world find opportunities to unwind and relax in the salubrious Kerala climate.
The Kerala tourism model is unique in many respects. Perhaps no other state in the Indian union can ever afford to replicate this model. Until recent times, there were no large scale industries in the state. There was only greenery all around. It helped to attract scores of tourists from different countries. Even now, industrialization is being done only with a human face. Polluting industries are immediately brought to the notice of the government and stringent action initiated immediately. Another aspect that has led to safe industrial development is that the Kerala public is alert to the immediate environmental problems. This vigilance from the part of the common man is a rarity elsewhere.

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That's a nice information about Tourism in India. Thank you for sharing about that!

I've checked the information about Kerala in Wikipedia and I've found out that it is one of the states of India, located in Southwestern India.

You can find more information about the said place here -

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I think you can find more information at or

Thank You.
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