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Transportation in Paris

Hi all,

I have 2 questions and hoping u guys can help me on these:

1) Are the taxi in Paris big enough for family of 4 with lagguage?

2) what's the best mode of travelling to CDG airport from city? Taxi? Bus? Train (any dedicated line)?


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There is a new rule being applied in France for drivers.You now MUST have a yellow jacket and a red triangle in your car.The jacket should be inside the car and not in the trunk/boot.In case of an accident, put on the yellow jacket and if it is safe, place the triangle at least 30 meters behind your car.If you own a car in France, be sure to have this equipment.If you are renting a car, be absolutely sure to ask if the triangle and jacket are provided.Enforcement of this rule with fines will only begin in the autumn, but it sure is a good idea to have the now required equipment. This applies to cars from any country traveling in France.

Have a great day

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Well, there are about 15,100 taxis in Paris, which transport more than 500,000 people everyday. You can locate a taxi at any of the airports of Paris, railway stations, hotels, and more than 460 taxi ranks in the city. Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the largest airport of France. Good Luck......

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Thanks For Sharing This Information With us about transportation in Paris
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