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Travel and Learning Spanish

Hello everyone! I am new here so I am not sure how you work but I just wanted to ask your opinion! I am very interested in learning Spanish, so at the moment I am looking around for courses and so on. Until now, one of the possibilities that look interesting to me is to learn Spanish Salamanca. I heard great stories about this city; that the nightlife is great and the city itself beautiful but I hadn’t heard of it before starting my investigation. Does anyone have experience with this destination? But then a friend of mine went to a Spanish school Madrid and he told me some amazing stories as well so the problem is I’m getting a bit confused here! Madrid sounds very interesting as well, it is a big city with a lot of shops and I suppose the night life is just as great as or even better than Salamanca. So please let me know your opinion so that I can make my choice! Thanks so much!

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And I would like to be president of the usa. Forget it.
Go to a languages school,

hunter valley tours
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