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Travel, Concierges, Lost, Found, And Dying Cell Phones

So you booked your vacation and got the best price

You made sure you packed everything you would possibly need while on your trip

You've taking every travel related precaution known to man

You get to your hotel get settled in and start your vacation, and the noise of despair starts. No it's not the noisy guests on the floor above you, it's your dying cell phone chirping for a charge. No problem you go to your well stocked suitcase only to find that you forgot your CELL PHONE CHARGER. What do you do now? your in a town you know very little about, and are there on a budget that did not factor in the purchase of a forgotten cell phone charger. Don't despair because you remember reading on Travel Forums, how most hotel conceirges have a lost and found and may just have a cell phone charger that may just fit your cell phone. So you go to check it out, and success they do have the charger , but not just one a whole box filled with left behind cell phone chargers. Your cell phone problem has been taking care of and you start your vacation. But remember your luck came because the person before you was kind enough to return the charger after they used it because they forgot their charger also. So please return the charger to the lost and found after you use it. Because you never know you may end up in the same hotel next year with the chirping phone of despair needing that same lost and found cell phone charger.
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