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Smile Travel to Pattaya


I'm going to Pattaya this month.. any one can suggest me that good Hotels, Place to visit in pattaya, beach and City attraction..

Thanks in Advance
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I'm going to Pattaya this month.. any one can suggest me that good Hotels, Place to visit in pattaya, beach and City attraction..


You can get a hotel with air, private toilet/shower, TV and maid service in Pattaya starting around 500 baht for low season. High end will be over 4000 baht (which is foolish to pay, especially low season.)

First. Getting to Pattaya. Your options for getting to Pattaya depend on the time you arrive in Bangkok and if you are leaving directly from the airport or from down in the city of Bangkok somewhere. From the airport, during day hours you have 2 bus choices. One is Bus 389, leaving from the airport and the airport bus station - price 124 baht.
This bus stops running around 2100. Ride takes around 2 hours. This bus can drop you off on Sukhumvit Road (Pattaya) and you take a baht bus to your hotel.

Another day option is the Bell Travel service. Bell Travel leaves from the airport, first floor. You have to reserve a seat. They put you on a bus at the airport, at Pattaya they switch you to a van for delivery right to your hotel. Price 200 baht. They stop running at 1800. Very good service!

From downtown you have bus options from Ekamai and Mochit bus stations. Ekamai bus terminal is on a Skytrain stop. If you have a hotel in Bangkok in the Sukhumvit Road area, near Nana or Asoke Skytrain station you can use that overhead rail to get to Ekamai. Bus from Ekamai to Pattaya is around 120 baht. At Pattaya you have transportation to Beach Road and a few other places available.

You can take a meter taxi from the airport or Bangkok anytime of the day for around 1000 baht to 1500 baht. Taxi is around a half hour faster than the bus, you do pay any toll charges during the ride unless you agreed ahead of time that the driver will. Not all Bangkok taxi drivers know every hotel in Pattaya, have a map. They may stop for directions.

In Pattaya choose a hotel in the Pattaya 2nd Road area (Pattaya Sai Song) area so you can walk to many places. In this area you can walk to nightlife, several new modern malls, street vendors, restaurants, etc.
Pattaya : Map of Pattaya City by Thaiways

Local transportation in Pattaya on baht buses is only 10 baht. Only exception is that from the Pattaya bus terminal on North Pattaya or to Jomtien from near Walking Street the price is 20 baht. Cheapest transportation in Thailand for a foreigner.

For hotel recommendations mention a price range. Here are a few at different prices.
Captains Hotel, on Soi Honey Inn, many other hotels on this same soi.
The Captain's Hotel & Bar, 2 Pattaya 2nd Road, Pattaya City, Thailand.
Lek Hotel (along with Apex Hotel have cheap breakfast buffets at 110 baht.)
Lek Hotel- Pattaya Hotel Resort- Asia Travel Hotels Resorts Air Ticket Reservation, Hotel Resort in Pattaya
Areca Lodge (very popular, good value for the money, often booked up.)
Areca Lodge Hotel Pattaya - ThaiHotels

If you are visiting Pattaya during low season it is not problem finding a place with a walk-in.

Good luck.

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Pattaya City is a nice place to have fun.
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@Frosty Thanks for your info!
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@Frosty: thanks for your useful information.
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My opinion, the weather has not been too bad for this season. Got some heavy rain 3 or 4 days ago for an hour or so and some off and on sprinkles but mostly fair. Last two days not too bad. (If you get caught in the rain during the day you can stop in for a movie if you want. Current international releases in English are pretty cheap. Three movie theaters in Pattaya. Avenue Mall, Big C Mall and Central Festival Mall.)

Have fun.
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Pattaya is an attractive and superb place for anyone who is looking for a journey in Thailand. Pattaya’s sights are mainly modern, much reflecting the town itself.

Sights often double up as activities but there’s still an array of interesting things to see, especially if you’re willing to travel a little.

Places like Underwater World, Mini Siam are, Museum of Bottle Art, Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum and Sanctuary of Truth are top attractions.

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