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traveling to Brazil for some holidays

hi people.

i'm traveling to Brazil soon, for some holidays. but here's the problem; it's been a few weeks now that i've been suffering from a health problem. it's not exactly serious, but i do need to be under constant and regular medication to keep the conditions under control.
my prescription for the moment is for a week's medication, so this means that i'll have to get a new one once i'm there. but is finding a doctor an easy thing to do in Espirito Santo? i've tried researching the area over the net for doctors or hospitals but only came up with this pharmacy directory
it does help, knowing that i'll be able to buy my medication easily, but i'd appreciate it if anyone knows about the doctor issue.
or would the hotel have an on-call doctor?
or should i simply postpone or cancel the trip?

please help, thanks.
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