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Visiting Thien Cung Cave - HaLong Bay

Thien Cung is situated on Dau Go Island, far away the Bai Chay tourist wharf about 4 km is considered to be one of the largest and most beautiful caves of Halong Bay. Due door narrow at the same with the development of the flora on the island so the door is obstructed so that the detected quite late. In 1993 in a big storm, fishermen on the island of Dau Go to storm the facility and discovered a large.... Because the shapes of stalactites in the cave have made people think of the court as: Figure Dragon - Phuong, Tu Thien Tru ... should name has also been put to work. Indeed the tourists visiting 'll feel like you're lost in place with celestial magic system stalactites and magnificent.

Road to Thien Cung crags, two side foliage luxuriant forest cover. Through a narrow crack in the door, sudden heart open space quadrilateral cross-section with a length of over 130 meters. More and more in our aback by the stunning beauty of the Creator 's image: the dragon flying at the time hidden in the cloud forest of stalactites, peacock channel elephants to dance together, the array its large bar snaked wrapped around the tree, two stone lions mane dancing hair flying, high on eagles wings outstretched in the air... the giant in the center are four large pillars burly prop heaven. From the foot to the top of the column is carved many strange shapes like fish birds, scenes of human life, flowers and stems... On the north wall is the first scene a group of women are dancing and singing. Under the soaring dome, pendulous clusters of stalactites forming colorful curtain splendid natural stone. Standing between the soaring arches, colored pearl inlaid stalactites green as we thought as standing in the foreground so Penglai.

Go to the last stop, the threaded red light mixed green and white color scheme creates magnificent shots. An artificial cock gurgling flush four seasons, it has three ponds with clean water. Legend has it that this is where the fairies descended to bathe. After about 30-40 minutes of complete delegation to visit Thien Cung and begin the journey to visit Dau Go cave. If you take the journey to discover Ha Long tourism, this will be the first two stops of the journey to discover Ha Long Bay 4 or 6 hours.
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