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Hi everybody!!!

I would like to inform everybody who is looking on this site, about a project in the north of Brazil. That helps the poor kids who live in the favela " Morro da Vitoria". i worked for this project in three month and i really liked it. and thats why i want to inform you and others that are thinking of traveling to Brazil, and might be interested in to do some volonteer work.

It all started in the Autum of 2003, when the news that a child died of hunger in a shelter in a Favela in the north of Brazil, in the state of CEARA. This event got alot of attention both in Brazil and out side of Brazil. This single event made a deep impact on the people in Fortaleza/CEARA and couple of friends from Sweden,Finland and Brazil started the organisation called PADC (wich stands for "Projeto Amigos da comunidade" and means "Comunity Friends"), to help the Favela "Morro da Vitoria" were the tragic event happened.

The group consists only of volunteers and they have alot of projects planned for the favela "Morro da Vitoria" to give itīs people a better living enviroment, a future education and a school, and more. Right now "Morro da Vitoria" have 120 kids that PADC works to help.

What would you do as a volonteer??
you would participating in planing different projects on the office of PADC. You would work up in the favela together with other volunteers, and you would also study Portuguese with a privete teacher. And if you would have some own idees they are always happy to listen to you.

So if you are interested to work as a volunteer in the north of Brasil, were itīs always hot, nice beaches and clear water. and also very close to one of the top ten beaches in the world (according to lonely planet) called Jericoacoara.
Send an E-mail to or visit there web site for more information and the price list.[/color]

THANK YOU very mutch for reading this little text. and always remember that even you can make a difference in the world and for others

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I have read with interest you message, since it is many yeras I am working in Salvador de Bahia, in Mata Escura favela.
Actually, I do not trust very much in organisations that ask for money for allowing you to help people... but of course it dependes on the amount required.
What I would suggest to anyone who would like to do such a travel as volonteer to try to be informed on the projects he will be working on and on which are the public or private organisations concerned.
It is terrible to sayu, but there are too many wicked people making money out of the terrible situation of brasilian children...
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