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Why travel to Vietnam now

For the past decade, Vietnam has turned to be among the fastest growing economies in the World. The country has been known as one of the safest and the most friendly destinations in Asia. This is just the right time to travel to Vietnam: it saves you money most while it gets you the once-in-a-life-time experience. Now is the only time that every of your penny spent brings you the best values. Let's look further into the clarifications to know why.

First of all, we all know that the US Dollar has lost a lot of its value compared to other national currencies recently. This makes all commodities and services priced in US Dollar much cheaper than before. Now you start know what I mean, folks! All travel and tourism services in Vietnam have been quoted in US Dollars for many years and this is not going to change anytime soon. This is just fantastic news for many non-US travelers as you get hefty discounts the moment your book your trip in Vietnam without the hassle of bargaining! And it's a pity since this is not good for those of you earning your income in US Dollar.

Look at the global business environment many analysts predict that the US Federal Reserve will have to hike the interest rate in 2009 which would probably mean the US Dollar is appreciating then. If you delay your tour until 2009, maybe the cost you have to spend for your Vietnam travel services wouldn't be so good anymore.Secondly, the majority of the Western travelers in Vietnam have been from the United States. It may be not the case anymore as the US economy is not doing so well nowadays. Many folks in the US will have to tighten your travel expenses. This is not good news for us who are in travel industry and hospitality business in Vietnam, but it is good news for you, the non-US travelers! You have more choices now than ever!

Look back in 2006 and the first 3 quarters of 2007, there were huge hikes in accommodation rates, transport fees, tour costs..., since Vietnam started to boom. There was a surge in the number of Western travelers to Vietnam and the infrastructure for tourism in the country could not catch up to accommodate you all, hence price shooting the moon! Some folks were not that happy, I guess! You paid more and for what! Much less!

We in the travel business in Vietnam had a difficult time arranging the right service for our travelers, too. We had to rely on our good relations and good credits gained among our partners in a number of years for help.The good thing was that the hard time ushered in creativities. In 2006 and 2007, we had the most creative tour itineraries for our travelers. Many of the bright ideas did not originate in our office, but from you – the travelers and our dedicated tour guide team. Thank you all for your precious co-operations; recommendations and bright ideas! We still have some now for more in the future...It's good that we have maintained the culture at our company: to provide the service quality defined by our clients! We listen to our fellow travelers!

Thirdly, Vietnam started to have full membership of the WTO; (the World Trade Organization) in January 2007, the decision was made in 2006 though. This means things started from 2006 in Vietnam. Many of you may ask then what the heck is that to do with my trip to Vietnam ? Wow, it actually does, I'm sorry...The reason is that Vietnam is now open and is the playground for many global players. You go and check the map of South East Asia: Vietnam is smack in the center! It's location, location, location! Thanks to the location, the Vietnamese had to encounter so many troubles throughout the history! Get a history book on Vietnam, you'll see what I mean!

Traveling in the country, you can still see Vietnam OK...Eh, I mean as traditional as ever...But please know that there have been numerous massive projects infrastructure-related ones in Vietnam already, most run by multi-national corporations. Without the difficulties in the global economy now, Vietnam would have been changed overnight! Traveling in Vietnam would mean cranking your way amid skyscrapers and heavy traffic full of cars and smoke! I didn't mean that this scenario was totally not good! It would be nice for the Vietnamese generally as they would have better living quality. But I'm talking about you, the travelers...Would you like to see Vietnam as it is nowadays and come back to see Vietnam in the future or would you only like to see Vietnam in the future only?

The charming elegant Ha Noi, the tranquil beach of Nha Trang, Phan Thiet and Mui Ne, the fresh nature of Da Lat and Sa Pa...are all relatively intact and definitely worth a trip now. No one knows for how long they'll remain that way...Scared of sacrificing amenities? Luxury hotels and resorts are found at most locations now, transportation is as easy and comfortable as ever. The Vietnamese and those in the travel/hospitality business are as professional now as ever, and friendly....And importantly, Vietnam is not fully booked now!

Vacances au Vietnam
Voyages au Vietnam
Circuits au Vietnam

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thanks for your information.
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