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Thumbs up The Mekong delta river information

The Mekong Delta
The Mekong delta is the southernmost part of Vietnam, South-West from Hồ Ch Minh City, which is on another river basin. The Mekong enters Vietnam as two branches: The First River (Tiền Giang), which takes several names on the way, enters at Vĩnh Xương and flows through Tn Chu, Cao Lnh, Sa Đc, near Ci B and Mỹ Tho before exiting out at sea, and the Bassac river, entering from Cambodia just North of Chu Đốc, and flowing through Long Xuyn, Cần Thơ and near Sc Trang before exiting ou at sea at Cửa Đnh An.
Threats from the sea

Roughly one half of the delta, North of Cần Thơ, is often flooded about the fall equinox as fresh water cannot freely flow out at sea, and the other half is less flooded, but more and more subject to the effects of saltwater from the sea. The lanscapes are thus very varied, from wide open ridefields to mangrove through coconut groves. The mean altitude of the delta is so low that the sea tides are not only felt but the current actually inverts as far North as Chu Đốc.
The Mekong delta river produces more than half the total agricultural produce of Vietnam, and is dubbed the Rice basket of Vietnam. It is a very pleasant area to live, with a bountiful nature and charming people. Its being threatened by an increase in the water levels linked to global climate change makes the delta all the more precious today.
Life on the delta
Life in the countryside is very much revolving around the river and its innumerable canals and tributaries. Not only is fishing a major occupation in the region, it is essentially done by casting nets and mostly at the scale of a whole village, but for a few decades now, the inhabitants of the delta have set out to grow fish in floating fish farms, at first in the province of An Giang, North of the Bassac river, and now farther and farther downstream. The most recent evolution is fish farming in ponds, be it shrimps, tm cng or tm s, or crabs, and now several sorts of fish. The landscape begins to change deeply in the vicinity of these farms.
Floating market at Tr n, early morning
The Mekong delta river and its tributaries form a dense net of waterways, of which near 15,000 miles can be navigated by boats of over 100 tons in the delta alone, that is more than ten times the length of compacted road. So all the markets are near the river, and West of the Bassac, they are often afloat on the river itself, be it wholesale markets like that of Ci Răng, near Cần Thơ, or retail markets or even village markets like at Tr n.
All the trades pertaining to the river are represented along the banks, where you find not only agriculture producers, fruit drying facilities and small-scale cane sugar refineries, but also mechanics, wooden ship building yards and dry docks.

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The two Pandaws search two countries, two traditions and two ways of life connected by one great river. This is the simply luxury cruises holiday on the Mekong River.

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Vietnam is emerging as new tourist destination in the world.
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The RV Pandaw Cruise

@jimmy: Here is the RV Pandaw Cruise information

The RV Pandaw Cruise
They now have four beautifully crafted Pandaw ships in operation . Each ship, hand finished in brass and teak by traditional craftsmen are in themselves objects of great beauty. The secret of our success is that on our ships, whilst luxury and comfort are discreetly present, it is the colonial character and friendly atmosphere that predominate. All our Pandaws have ultra shallow drafts and can travel to remote areas, which would be unreachable by other vessels, let alone overland.

Pandaw Stateroom
The Pandaw stateroom is the most celebrated feature of our ships. Finished in brass and teak, the main and upper deck rooms are very spacious at 168 square feet. Much loved by all our passengers we have ensured that with each ship we build the stateroom remains the same. Our cabins do not have mini-bars, satellite TVs, internet or phones. There is a 24 honesty bar on the sundeck. Pandaw passengers usually want to escape from the tiresome features found in international business hotels. We ask our crews never to arrive in port early and sit there tied up indeed better to slow down if ahead of schedule.

Many passengers describe life on board a Pandaw more like being a guest on a private motor yacht than a cruise ship. Where we go and what we see is intrepid in extreme. What you come back to is a floating base of discreet comfort, caring service and all the good things one looks for in life.

Dining & Bar
The Pandaw dining rooms are designed to open up along the sides and only at night do we close them up and use air conditioning. We know our passengers want fresh air not chilled air.

We offer a great choice of local cuisine and exotic foods. We source supplies as locally as possible, given environmental health regulations. Breakfast and lunch are buffets and dinner is served at the tables. Passengers who do not like hot or spicy foods are offered European alternatives and vegetarians are well catered for. Our chefs know that the majority of passengers want to eat the best of each country they pass through.

Promenade Decks
Sailing on a Pandaw is essentially an outdoor experience. Whilst the staterooms are very comfortable and roomy, passengers prefer to spend their time sitting outside, on the promenade decks or on the vast observation deck above. Unlike other cruise ships every window (except port holes on lower deck) can open.

Exploratory shore excursions are led by local guides. When sailing our passengers sit on deck and become absorbed by great panoramas as they unfold about them. Spellbound, one cannot help but to meditate upon the unceasing human and wildlife activity of these teaming waterworlds.

The RV Pandaw Cruise

Pandaw RV cruise tour itineraries

Mekong Cruise by Pandaw Angkor Saigon

Saigon & Angkor Cruise by The mekong Pandaw 8 days/ 7 nights
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mekong delta, mekong river, mekong travel

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