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Talking A Road Trip Review - How Technology made the Trip Unique

[The Unique All India Road Trip – “SOLO DRIVE”] :

This is a description of the India Road Trip Website - India Road Trip. This travel blog is a unique road trip website in various fronts. The website unfolds the story of Sajit as he drives solo in his Ford Figo car across India. The uniqueness of the story emanates from the fact that there aren't many Pan India road trips undertaken solo. Many folks prefer to drive in groups as they feel safer in a “pack” especially if it’s a very long road trip. But yes things have started to change now with few folks going solo on their road trips.

[Not Just a plain Road Trip driver going in a pack – A Traveller, Blogger, Photographer, Navigator, Web Developer, Web Designer, a Researcher and a Travel Technologist] :

Apart from driving solo, I was enamoured by the number of tasks accomplished by Sajit during the solo road trip and all this by himself - please note that this was not a sponsored road trip - self financed endeavour and one of its kind. Sajit engaged himself in driving across India, capturing photographs while driving, capturing videos using his Nikon camera, blogging on the website - All India Road Trip, hunting for hotels and motels on the fly and believe me or not web development and web designing on the WordPress platform which includes editing thousands of Photographs using Intel microprocessor based Ultrabook / Netbook.

[The Live Capture of the India Road Trip] :

The "most" unique feature of this road trip was something envisaged by Sajit to capture the whole trip live - yes he wanted to do this for the people - other travel enthusiasts to enjoy and not keep the whole enjoyment and the memories of the trip to oneself. He captured days and days of videos using his Intel based Android smartphone – the Xolo X900 for the other like-minded Travel enthusiasts to watch live – even years down the lane the memories of this unique Road Trip remains enlightened by these live videos – which seem so live even today! When Sajit researched on the Smartphone to be used for this road trip which needs to be extremely and super sturdy to bear the heat generated during hours and days of continuous operation capturing live videos of the road trip using the Bambuser application and also simultaneously guiding the India road trip using Google navigation on the Android Smartphone. After long research Intel Smartphone came to the assistance to guide this road trip and make it a success. The Intel microprocessor based Android Smartphone was the eyes of this India Road Trip. Intel Smartphone was the obvious choice because of the sturdiness of the processor and the phone. Finally Sajit closed on the Xolo X900. Down the lane on his Road Trip, Sajit noticed the Intel Smartphone’s GPS to be extraordinary – The GPS Signals were always reachable even in the remotest and hilly terrains and the Intel based Smartphone never ditched him even once during the trip. A Smartphone with a great GPS signal strength is a “MUST MUST” (cannot stress this more) for solo travellers – you just need a smartphone which can handle this. This enabled Sajit to capture the most beautiful moments of his Trip live to digital format videos for him, Sajit’s well-wishers and other like-minded travel enthusiasts to cherish for ages to come.

[The India Road Trip Website]:

The India Road Trip website was designed by Sajit after he was denied membership from a popular travel portal – where this is a will there is always a way. The Travel website – Indian Road Trip has become so popular today, that the decision to start the website was definitely the right decision. The All India Road Trip travelogue – All India Road Trip captures over 6500 Photographs from the India Road Trip, 142 HD videos captured using the Nikon camera and uploaded to YouTube. It also has another section where there are days and days of live Bambuser videos captured using the super sturdy Intel based Android Smartphone Xolo X900. The website boasts of over 500 unique and real visitors daily – which translates to over 15000 visitors monthly and 180 thousand real and unique visitors annually.

[Other Portals on the India Road Trip Portal –] :

Sajit plans to host various other Local Road Trip tales as well into this portal – Route by Road. He has been capturing live Bambuser videos under the Title – Indiaroadtrip which can be watched from his website via the page - India Road Trip Live Video Coverage. These video speak for themselves the tales of Sajit’s other local adventures on the road.

Sajit also plans to capture articles, photographs, videos, live videos of all the worthwhile travel places, resorts and less heard of adventure spots in and around Bangalore as well.

Other upcoming road adventures from Sajit to be captured live by the India Road Trip travelogue – India Road Trip Articles. Sajit will be undertake another adventure Road Trip soon – A “Diamond Triangle” as he refers to. A triangular Road Trip from Bangalore to Hyderabad to Pune to Bangalore. The uniqueness of this Road Trip will be that Sajit will attempt the cover this 2000 Kilometres “India Diamond Triangle” Route in “non-stop”, in one stretch without even a single stop. He wants this road trip push man (Sajit himself) and the machine (Ford Figo hatchback Petrol ESX car) to the limits of endurance. This will be real test of both man and machine. Best of luck from Sajit’s well-wisher for both Sajit and the Ford Figo for this high endurance Solo Road Trip. The trip will being sometime beginning next year. The trip starts from Hoskote, Bangalore. Keep glued to the website India Road Trip for news and updates on this soon.
India Road Trip | Listen On The Web
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