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How to travel in a train in long journey??

Hello Friends,
If you want to travel through in all Europe.There's no need to fly from the UK to anywhere in Europe. It's surprisingly easy, quick and comfortable to travel overland by train from London to just about anywhere: Spain, Italy, Greece, Prague, Helsinki, Moscow.The difficult bit is finding out how to do it and where to buy tickets. No worry just open the internet and click on the website.This website will tell you the best routes, train times & approximate fares from London to major destinations all over Europe. It will tell you what the trains are like, and the best way to buy your ticket.

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Getting ticket through internet is helps to save more time and energy, During long journey have laptop with wireless internet connection that makes you to do your work and also can use your travel time.

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Hello friends

Being from a family that didn't have a car, train journeys were a part of my life from a very young age. The journey from our home in Devon to my Grandmothers in the Lake District seemed to take forever and at the time was a very big adventure. It was still in the days when you were dressed up in your best clothes to travel and everything from the drinks and snacks in the buffet car to using the toilets on the train was new and exciting. The journey is probably only five or six hours, but when you are a small child that seems like eternity. But you had to change several times with all the ensuing drama of running over station bridges or through the underpasses to get your connection, sometimes with only minutes to spare.
At what age does travelling stop being exciting, and just become that annoying thing that you have to do to get from A to B?
I think that with long journeys, especially with long train journeys, that you can reclaim the excitement and wonder, and return to thoroughly enjoying the romance of the railroads. Who hasn't dreamt of being wined and dined on the Orient Express, crossing the breathtaking scenery of South Africa on the Blue Train, or ploughing through endless miles of tundra and pine forest on the Trans-Siberian Express?
Of course if you are lucky enough to be going first class, you don't need to implement any pre-journey survival plans - you can just sink back into the luxury and let it all be done for you. However, most us are of rather more modest means and are likely to be travelling economy.

Thanks to all friends
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This is really very useful. Thanks a lot.
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