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Safety in Mexico

Be aware of your surroundings. Watch the people around you and pay attention to who is doing what and who is paying attention to you. Mexican culture dictates that a woman looking at a man could be misinterpreted as attraction, so don't stare, but be aware.

Being drunk makes you an easy target . . . So if you are going to hit the bars . . . know your limits, don't go alone, stay in well lit areas, if you are walking and find that the way home is dark or deserted, go back to the first open business and have them call you a taxi.

Thieves like to choose isolated areas to do their dirty work, so avoid being places where there aren't a lot of other people.

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Old 05-04-2010, 02:30 AM   #2
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IMO, Mexico is one of the safest places in the world. I just returned from Chihuahua on last month and I had no problems with anyone or anything. The people were amazingly friendly it was nothing like I had expected. I would recommend you to go there and have fun.

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Old 01-09-2015, 05:33 AM   #4
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I think these are the precautions that needs to be taken at any place in the world, why just Mexico?
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