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Unhappy DC-9 Safety Record? Age?

Hello all,

I was hoping there would be some people around here whom would be knowledgable on the subject of aircraft safety and age.

I will preface this by saying that I am an extremely fearful flyer, I usually get a prescription for Lorazapam before I fly so I am sedated enough to be tolerable.

I have to travel in the near future. The second leg of the journey I am taking is a 1.25 hour flight on a Northwest DC9. As far as I can tell the DC9 is an extremely old plane with a mixed safety record. This is freaking me the *#&#@ out to say the least.

Is there anyone out there who can point me to a site that talks more about the safety of the DC9? How well NW maintains their fleet? Is there any way to find out the age of the aircraft that I will be on ahead of time? I need to do some research to help put my mind at ease.



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Thanks to share your informative question about the aircraft I am very interested about your topic in this forum site like you said in the forum you need the site of aircraft safety if you really want to know about it you must go to the site I hope your problem will be solved if you read in this website.

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