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Old 02-15-2003, 01:23 AM   #1
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Highs and Lows (airports that is)

What was your highest and lowest airport?

For me Furnace Creek wins the low at about minus 212 feet. For high I first thought Mexico City, no, Bryce Canyon, no, Aspen then, suddenly, remembered that little forest service strip on the side of Mount Whitney. Short, rough sod and either a little over 10,600 feet or was it 12,000 feet? Donít exactly remember which (somebody check a chart for me) but I do remember jamming the blowers on full on before even starting to roll (a no no) and wondering halfway down the strip whether that was where it was all going to end (nope, didnít worry about V1 or V2 either).

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My lowest is 0
My highest is La Paz (Bolivia) Airport which is about 13.000 feets.
Nice experience to land there. Planes go to a high speed, more than usual.
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