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TCAS says "Traffic, traffic."

Heading back to Austin this evening, I get handed off from the second austin approach frequency to tower and I radio,

"skyhawk 1 0 8 victor kilo, austin tower, with you on a 45 for a right downwind 1 7 left, 2 thousand 5 hundred"

>> "8 victor kilo, enter a right downwind for 1 7 left at your discretion, turn a right base right on the numbers for 1 7 right exactly at 2 thousand feet and maintain vfr at 2,000. if you can't do it right at two thousand notify me"

"8 victor kilo, right downtown 1 7 left at my discretion, right base on the 1 7 R numbers exactly 2 thousand and holding that altitude'

>> "8 victor kilo, readback correct, tight and on the numbers and right at 2 thousand, you got it."

Since I'm going to clearly be crossing traffic, I double-check my altimiter setting, trim it for exactly 2,000, verify that lights (beacon, nav, land, strobes) are on, turn my right base for 17L over the numbers, and hear,

>>"southwest 2 2 3, a single engine cessna is going to cross right across your approach path right at 2 thousand, cleared to land one seven right"

I look to my left on the horizon and don't see anyone. . . and then I realized that I was looking too far. Less than half a mile and right below me was a 737 on final for 17R. Extremely cool.

>> >"southwest 2 2 3, cleared to land one seven right, and . . oh yeah we've got that cessna in sight, he's, uh, our twelve o'clock and right above us we're going to shoot right beneath him "

"8 victor kilo, resume your own navigation, cleared to land 1 7 left"

>"8 victor kilo, cleared to land 1 7 left I am beginning my descent"

so now I've crossed the parallel runway (17R/35L) and have to dive down and lose about 1500ft. Flaps 10, 20, 30, and I'm diving down. PAPI says I'm above the glide slope -- no kidding. I cross the numbers and I'm still way high.

The tower sees me sail by the numbers and clears a Continental jet to position & hold 17L. I'm still nosing it down and wonder briefly if I can make it down and slow enough without a go-around. Descending, descending, descending. The landing was finally assured, so I radioed, "8 victor kilo, we're going to put it down a bit long here"

I got it down, am in the flare, and hear, "8 victor kilo, exit immediate right juliet no delay"

Of course, there's no joking about juliet being an "immediate right." Dump the flaps, full brakes, pull back, start veering right, and wishing there was a high speed exit.

"8 victor kilo, I'm clearing 1 7 left at Juliet"

>>"*chuckle* 8 victor kilo, VERY nice work, contact ground two one niner zero, have a good day"

"8 victor kilo, two one niner, take care"

As I reach to flip from 121.0 to 121.90, I hear the Continental 737 cleared for takeoff 17L. Whee.

That was fun, and borderline student pilot hazing.
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