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Win a cruise for $1 - really!!

Would you like to win a cruise for just $1? It's true. It's real. Try this new site - like Ebay but, different! For $1 you buy a raffle ticket and win this case...A CRUISE!! Yes, it's legal and legitimiate plus a portion of the money collected goes to charity!




PrizeWise is a coupon retailer that allows its users to participate in an online trading platform similar to eBay. The difference is that prizeWise users attempt to win the items posted on the site in sweepstakes-style auctions instead of bidding on them. See "The Buying and Selling Process" below for specific details. If you are someone who enjoys buying and selling on eBay, prizeWise is for you. If you are someone who enjoys winning valuable items and saving hundreds with countless merchants, prizeWise is for you. PrizeWise is for everyone (see Official Rules for eligibility restrictions).

To buy and sell on the site you must first register to become a member of the prizeWise Sweepstakes Rewards Program. There is no cost to become a member. Once registered, you may post items on the site for sale that other registered users will attempt to win with tickets worth one dollar a piece (subject to a one time $15.00 posting fee for unlimited use). They have acquired these tickets by writing in for a free game piece, or by buying coupons on the site which come with a free ticket. We have hundreds of coupons in our database that will save you hundreds with countless merchants. Once an item is won, the item's offeror is paid directly by prizeWise, rather than by the winner. Offerors choose the price which they want for their goods, and receive that amount once the item is won (less our commission).


NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY to obtain a sweepstakes ticket and participate in the sweepstakes. Anyone eighteen (1 years of age or older may write in for a free sweepstakes ticket. To request a free ticket, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the appropriate address below:

PrizeWise, Inc Limited

Free Game Piece Request Minshull House

2700 W. Sahara Avenue #420 67 Wellington Road

Las Vegas, NV 89102 Stockport, Cheshire

United States of America SK4 2LP

United Kingdom

Residents of the state of Vermont may omit return postage.

Limit one ticket per request; one request per outer mailing envelope.

No mechanically reproduced or photocopied requests allowed. See Official Rules above for complete details.

Note: PrizeWise automatically donates 1% of the gross price of each item won to the charity of a Offeror's choice once the item closes. If the item does not sell, all entries are returned to their owners for use in other sweepstakes.


Once you register, you will have a secure account from which you may post items on prizeWise that you wish to sell - just like eBay. Suppose you have a 2002 Honda Civic you could sell on eBay for $10,000. Once you have paid the one time $15 fee, you may post it on prizeWise for up to 150% of market value, so you post this car on prizeWise for $15,000. Other users attempt to win your car by entering their tickets in your Civic sweepstakes, which they have received with coupons they purchased for $1.00 a piece, or free by mail request or other mechanisms. Each ticket represents one dollar towards the designated value of your item, regardless of how the ticket was obtained. Once 15,000 tickets have been entered on your item, the sweepstakes automatically closes, a winning ticket is randomly selected, and the winner is notified. The sweepstakes winner gets your car, and you, the Offeror, get the $15,000 (less our fees and charitable donation totaling 17%). After applicable fees, you would receive $12,450 for your car, a near 25% more than eBay.

When a prizeWise sweepstakes ends, we hold the money in escrow until the item is delivered to the winner by the Offeror. Once proof of delivery is confirmed by both, we send a check directly to the Offeror for the sale price minus our 17% commission (as detailed above). We will hold funds pending delivery of the item.

The seller will receive payment from prizeWise directly.

In order to ensure delivery tracking, we recommend that you ship your item with a company that requires signature upon receipt/delivery. If you have proof of delivery you can still be paid if the winner fails to confirm receipt. Winners who do not receive the prize from the Offeror will be paid the money the Offeror would have been if the item is not sent within 14 days. You can contact us directly about payment issues at:


* You may not post unlawful or offensive items (pornography, stolen or pirated goods, graphically violent paintings, human remains).

* You may not post excessively overpriced items (anything more than 150% of fair market value).

* You must deliver the items you are selling to the winners.

* There are no refunds on coupons you are unhappy with, only exchanges. Call customer service to arrange exchanges.


PrizeWise is interested in seeing items posted in the $0 - $500 range. All users wishing to post items for over $500 will be required to have ten (10) unused tickets in their account. Users wishing to post items over $5,000 will be required to have thirty-five (35) unused tickets. Users wishing to post items over $50,000 will be required to have seventy (70) tickets in their account, and users wishing to post items over $150,000 will be required to have (100) unused tickets.

Please note that prizeWise will now be adding 10% to the price of all items posted for sale online to cover additional costs of operation not originally anticipated. This 10% addition will not be paid to the seller.


Coupons may be purchased with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express by entering the credit card information into the My Account section of the site or during registration. Coupons may be purchased by entering checking account information in the My Account section, or at registration; and may also be purchased via PayPal, money wire, or cashier’s check as specified in the prizeWise FAQ’s section online.


If you have not activated your account by following the instructions in the welcome e-mail you were sent after registration, please do so by following the instructions there, or e-mailing Customer Service at: If you are getting Page Not Found errors and have been experimenting with the site before the launch, try going to the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, selecting Internet Options, and erasing all temporary internet files, cookies, and the history.


E-mail any questions to: Your inquiries will be answered within 24 hours. We are very excited for the launch of prizeWise; and hope, with our users help, it will become one of the most successful Internet ventures ever.

Register today to begin winning, selling, and saving!

No purchase necessary to enter or win. A coupon purchase on the site will not enhance chances of winning a prize. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received for each item, subject to the limit set by the Offeror (and shown in each sweepstakes). No assignment, transfer or substitution of prize is permitted. All prize values are expressed in U.S. Dollars.

Taxes are the sole responsibility of winner. Minors may not participate in the sweepstakes (as defined by the jurisdiction of minor's residence), and will not be awarded prizes.

All prizeWise users agree to be bound be the terms laid forth in the prizeWise User Agreement above.

ABOUT prizeWise is incorporated in the UK, and hosted in London. Limited is wholly owned by PrizeWise, Inc of Nevada, itself an investment portfolio company of 21st Century Technologies, a publicly traded business development company in Las Vegas, Nevada (ticker: TFCT.OB). 21st Century Technologies has a controlling interest in PrizeWise Inc., and is the majority shareholder. For more information on 21st Century Technologies, please visit their website at:

PrizeWise is being built in partnership with i4 Solutions, Inc; a web-design company of Salt Lake City, Utah. Currently, Steven Rinehart is the acting President and CEO. He can be e-mailed at:
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it is real - honest!
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