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dbaker 06-03-2002 06:49 PM

Signs as you exit the P Clubs at IAH
Am I the only one that would like directional signs as you exit IAH P Clubs?

As I walk out of the clubs, I can never remember which direction I'm going or sometimes even which P Club (north or south in the C terminal) I'm exiting. Practically 100% of the time (It really should be 50%...), I turn the wrong way and have to make a complete U-turn and look foolish.

What I'd really like is signs facing the exit that you can see as you walk out that point you in the correct direction for those exiting the club. These could be idential to the ones mounted to the ceilings at the intersections, but just mounted a little lower and facing the exit. It would solve my problem, and I suspect that I'm not the only one.


Nugget 06-04-2002 12:39 AM

Lay off those Sam Adams drafts. I never have a problem. :)

dbaker 06-04-2002 04:38 AM

So before entering the club, you look at your boarding pass to find your connecting gate and then look locate the gate relative to the club before you enter?

Or, you just remember where you are and all the gate specifics and just know if you should turn right or left as you walk out of the club?

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